Welcome to the image gallery of The Cooke Collection.     

Cooke Photographics features the talents of Richard and Mary Cooke.  Commercial photographers for over 25 years in the Austin, Texas market.  Over the course of our commercial career, we never lost sight of the goal, to capture and communicate the awesome power of light that is never the same twice. Waiting for the light in a 1000 year old cathedral, hauling tripods through lavender fields, laying in wait for a sunrise over a Neolithic Dolmen, these are the things that inspire us. Whether you are interested in a 300 year old Spanish Mission in South Texas, the morning mist in Provence or a Celtic Cross from sacred sights in Ireland, we hope you find something that speaks to you.

Often the images are printed in sepia, black and white or toned in neutral colors that give the artwork a tranquil and ethereal look. Our point of view is timeless and the neutral tones compliment most interior styles. Having worked with interior designers, corporate art curators and photography collectors, we are so pleased to offer prints by ordering on line, via our email.