About Cooke Photographics

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Cooke Photographics is the photography business of Richard and Mary Cooke.  A commercial photography team that has worked in the Austin, Texas market for over 25 years.


Capturing our Fine Art Images

Our interest are architecture as art, landscapes, stonework and travel involving history. As the monasteries and ancient Romanesque buildings in Europe are a constant source of beauty, we also seek out the missions and forts of Texas and the Southwest.  We are inspired by historical sites, natural wonders and majestic skies.  We tend to look for the presence of history through our view finder.

We offer state of the art giclée prints that use inks with a lifetime of over 100 years. Most fine art photographers prefer these giclée prints over lithographs as the DPI (dots per inch) are higher than traditional printing methods. Using these archival pigments in the printing process, you can be assured that these prints are of the highest archival quality and worthy of your investment.  We use only the highest quality heavy weight paper for our prints.

Please see our Flickr site for a full portfolio https://www.flickr.com/photos/cookephoto/albums